Help Pastors

We aim to help pastors fulfill the great commission. Medical Clinics help the church build bridges into their community to reach people with the gospel. We equip pastors to release their church to meet real needs and proclaim the gospel. Medical Clinics give opportunity for an entire church to grow spiritually, serve with unity, proclaim and demonstrate a bold witness to Jesus Christ, and make God’s infinite fame visible though the local congregation.

Help Churches

We aim to help churches grow. Medical Clinics are highly attractive, and can reach upwards of hundreds of families, both inside and outside the church. A few months of planning, recruiting, and communicating can yield upwards of 500+ people hearing the gospel along with meeting basic needs. Medical clinics help the church grow by reaching others with the gospel, serving the surrounding community, and releasing the church into the world.

Help Communities

We aim to help communities flourish. Over 7 million people are out of work, millions are uninsured and healthcare costs are on the rise. Even with the Affordable Care Act, many people still cannot afford health insurance or see a doctor. Medical Clinics are a powerful tool to help a local community receive the care that they need provided through the local church.