Touched Twice United offers a variety training methods designed to equip you and your church to host a successful clinic.

Two-Day Mini-Conference

Several times a year, churches in the TTU network host a mini-conference the same weekend of their clinic. The conference includes one full day of training that covers vision, biblical framework, logistics, and best practices on how to start your own clinic. The second day is a practicum giving you hands-on experience visiting and serving at the host church’s medical clinic. Head knowledge plus first hand experience is one of the most effective way to learn to lead a successful clinic at your church.

Visit a Clinic

There is no reason to wait for the next conference to get started. One of the best ways to catch the vision and personally experience the power of a clinic is by visiting one in your region. Take a look at the upcoming clinics and let us know that you are coming. We’ll arrange a tour and time with the leadership team of that clinic to answer questions and help you get started.


For those who cannot visit a clinic, we encourage you to use our video trainings to start planning your clinic. Our videos cover vision, planning, leadership, and best practices.

Free Manual

Our time-tested 126-page manual is available for free on our resource page. We’ve broken down the sections of the manual so you can find what you need as you plan your clinic.


For those wanting additional training, we do offer personal coaching for a fee. An experienced clinic coordinator will journey with you the entire way from the beginning to end of your medical clinic. Visit our coaching page for more info.